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Doing Business in Bangladesh
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Goldman Sachs has named Bangladesh one of the "Next 11" emerging markets.

Bangladesh is a wonderful country in South Asia with a population of over 163 million people.

In recent years, foreign investment has increased dramatically in Bangladesh. The Dhaka stock exchange is thriving and the democratic government is actively seeking those who wish to invest in the many business opportunities within the country.

For those with the resources to navigate the business and political climate in Bangladesh, there are tremendous business opportunities to be had.

Opportunities exist in IT, telecommunications, city infrastructure, transportation, power, garments and textiles, real estate, natural resources, frozen foods, agribusiness and many other industries.

Doing business in a third world country can sound intimidating. However, doing business in Bangladesh is similar to doing business in any other country, even the United States.

There are many economic incentives to invest or partner in Bangladesh. It is possible to make millions of dollars while dramatically aiding the economy in Bangladesh.

We are able to partner and/or consult with those interested in business opportunities in Bangladesh.

We can assist our clients with every aspect of business. Our bilingual staff is ready and willing in both the United States and Bangladesh. We can act as your local agent in both countries.

We can offer simple advice, guidance in banking, assistance in contracts or bids, legal referrals, and even top-tier political assistance.

From simple questions to full-blown startup execution, we are here to help you.